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Garage Door Panel Installation and Repair Las Vegas

Have you ever taken a close look at your garage to see how it actually is constructed? Every garage door is made up of individual hinged panels which are composed of steel or wood. The panel sections raise up and lower when the garage door is activated. Panels are the exterior portion of the garage which makes up the aesthetic of the garage. When a panel becomes damaged, it can completely distort the look of your home. Also, safety comes into question during repairs, garage door panel replacement can be a safety concern if not done properly.

It is important to have all safety precautions in place when replacing a garage door panel, such as the power to the garage door disconnected, in case of an accidental or sudden garage door activation. The chance of bodily injury significantly increases when proper safety methods aren’t used during panel replacement.

Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas NV
Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas NV

The Type of Damage

The question is, does the whole garage door need replacing, or can an individual garage door panel just be replaced? The panels on your garage are susceptible to normal wear and tear from weather and constant movement over time. Normal exterior wear can consist of scratches, minor chips, dents, and discoloration.

When the repair is normally this minor, it can be possible to just replace the panel, if the damaged area is located within the individual panel. If the damage is more severe, for example, a car backed into the garage door, or extreme weather causes major cosmetic damage to multiple panels, then a complete garage door replacement may be needed.

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How Old Is the Garage Door

When replacing a garage door panel, one of the things you have to consider is the age of the garage door in question. The older the garage door, the more difficult it is to find replacement panels. If the home is older than 15 years old, it may be wise to consider replacing the entire garage door. Over time the weather causes discoloration to garage doors when changing out a panel, the color of the new panel is unlikely to match the colors of the preexisting panels.

Newly Advanced Garage Doors

With time comes advancement and newer technology. Garage doors over the years have become safer, environmentally friendly and just more efficient. More and more people are updating their garage doors to add appeal to their homes and to have an organized, efficient garage. When garage door panel damage does occur, it may be time to consider doing an entire overhaul on your garage, in order to make it more up-to-date. With more advanced energy-efficient insulation and new types of garage door panels to choose from, the options are limitless when installing a new garage door.

Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas NV

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Garage Door Panel Replacements Are Cost-Effective

When replacing a panel, the first thing to think about is the cost of the panel replacement. The cost can vary depending on materials and installation costs. Evaluating the damage is one of the first steps to determine how many garage door panels are needed for replacement. If the garage has more than one panel that needs replacing, it is quite possible that replacing the entire garage door may be more cost-effective than replacing the individual panels.

Garage door panel replacement is one of the most expensive repairs that your garage door can have. Garage door panels require the correct hinges and replacement parts to go along with the repair. The size of the garage door panel also can affect the cost of the repair, garage doors can range from 9’ to 16’ feet depending on the type of garage.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas NV


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FAQ – Garage Door Panel Replacement Las Vegas NV

How much does it cost to place one garage door panel?

This depends on how large the garage door is, to begin with. The next factor is what kind of garage door do you own. When you call us at Pacific Experts we can help you answer this question in more detail!

What is garage door panel replacement?

A garage door panel replacement is the replacement of usually a single panel of your garage door. With Pacific Experts, we will come to you and replace your garage door panel quickly and easily.

How often do you have to replace garage door panels?

A modern garage door’s original panels should last more than 15 years before replacement makes its way onto your to-do list. Of course, this timeline assumes there are no unforeseen circumstances as far as the environment goes.

How difficult is it to replace a garage door panel?

In answer to this question, it’s difficult enough that you should not try to replace a garage door panel on your own. It’s much safer and more efficient to allow professionals to replace a garage door panel so it is done correctly and there are no potential problems. At Pacific Experts, we can handle the panel replacement for you!

Can you just replace the panels on a garage door?

Yes, it is possible to replace only one panel on a garage door. However, you want to make sure the rest of your garage door is in good condition. With Pacific Experts, we will be able to tell you what condition your garage door is in and what the best course of action is for your door moving forward.

How to measure a garage door panel for replacement?

You will need to measure the length of the panel from one end to another. Never measure the width of the garage opening. Measurements usually run in whole numbers. You’ll need to measure the height of your panel as well. Your garage door panel replacement service will also be able to measure for you for the most accurate measurement possible.

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