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Professional Commercial Garage Door Repair & Replacement Las Vegas

At Pacific Experts Garage Doors, we offer a wide array of commercial garage doors from all of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers to provide your business with the right commercial garage doors. Commercial garage doors refer to any large, industrial, or specialty steel doors that may be installed on commercial facilities and large parking bays.

Our commercial garage doors come in every size and style to meet the needs of your building or business purposes. Whether you are installing a commercial garage door to a warehouse or replacing the roll-up doors at your storage facility, our team of skilled technicians can assist you with all of your commercial door installation, repairs, and replacements. As an established Las Vegas commercial garage door company, our service technicians have the experience, the training, and the knowledge needed to ensure that you receive the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Commercial Garage Doors Repair Las Vegas
Commercial Garage Doors Repair Las Vegas

Looking for Commercial Garage Doors Installation?

With Pacific Experts Garage Doors, you can count on having your commercial garage door installations, repairs, and replacements handled by professionals who are fully licensed, insured, and trained on how to properly install commercial and industrial garage doors. We strive to meet the highest levels of excellence with each and every garage door installation. We have been servicing the Las Vegas community and the surrounding areas for over

Pacific Experts Garage Doors have been serving the Las Vegas community and the surrounding areas from Henderson to North Las Vegas for many years and we are excited to provide you with quick, affordable, and most important, reliable commercial garage door installations, repairs, and replacements.

Contact Pacific Experts Garage Doors to receive excellent customer service, reliable commercial garage door installations, and exceptional experience with your next garage door installation. Call (702) 660-4499 today.

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Las Vegas Commercial Garage Door Repairs

At Pacific Experts Garage Doors, we also offer expert commercial garage door installation, repairs, and replacements. Our dedicated technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and have the experience required to inspect, diagnose, and repair any commercial garage door issue that you may be having.
We understand that your time is valuable and that every minute that your garage door spends out of order is a minute that is costing your business in delays and security. That’s why we’re here for you around the clock with our 24/7 commercial garage door repair service.

We offer high-quality commercial garage door repairs. The Pacific Experts team is ready to repair, replace, or adjust any garage door issues that you may have. To schedule an appointment or to receive a free estimate, contact us online or call us 24/7 at (702) 660-4499 today!

Commercial Garage Doors Repair Las Vegas

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FAQ – Commercial Garage Doors Repair Las Vegas

How much do commercial garage doors cost?

The cost of a commercial garage door really varies depending on the size of the garage, to begin with, then the cost will vary depending on how many hinges are needed for the commercial garage door.

How much does it cost to install a commercial garage door?

Usually, the cost depends on how large the commercial garage door is and how many hours the technician will spend on the installation itself.

What is the best company to purchase a commercial garage door from?

The best company to start at is Pacific Experts, followed by Overhead Door LV, then Martin Door LV. At Pacific Experts, you will be able to purchase your commercial garage door and it will potentially cost less for us to install it if you do.

What is a commercial garage door?

Commercial garage doors are generally made of either aluminum or galvanized steel. These metals are highly durable offering the security and longevity that commercial clients are often looking for.

How often should you replace a commercial garage door?

A commercial garage door can last for years before needing to be replaced. Your commercial garage door will last longer if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for taking care of the door itself. If you do maintenance work at least once a year, a commercial garage door’s lifespan can extend to up to several decades. If you’re having problems with your commercial garage door, though, consider getting it replaced.

What sizes do commercial doors come in?

Commercial overhead doors typically come in a standard size of 32 feet by 2 inches wide and 24 feet by 1 inch high. Depending on your needs the sizes could vary. If you don’t know specific measurements Pacific Experts are here to help you find the correct height, length, and width you will need.


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