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Looking for Garage Door Drum Replacement Service in Las Vegas ?

When our garage doors break, it can seem like such a disaster. We tend to think of our garage doors as second nature and not give them too much thought – Garage Door Drum Replacement Service in Las Vegas NV. With the ease of a click of a button, we drive our cars in them, get out and enter the house, (usually staying in our garages less than a few minutes). However, when the garage door doesn’t open, we are left with leaving our car parked outside, which during the hot summer months or the blistering cold winter, can be a huge inconvenience.

Depending on the problem, sometimes we are able to open our garage manually until we have the garage door fixed. However, the amount of time it takes to open and close the garage door manually can add several minutes to our already busy schedules. If it takes 4 minutes to manually open the garage door, (including backing in and out the car) then closing the garage door, in one week, we just spent almost 30 minutes just getting in and out of our garage. When you add the addition of small children and rushing to work, a broken garage door is very inconvenient. Proper garage maintenance, such as drum inspection and possibly replacement, is crucial to maintain because when our garages are not properly working, the effect has a greater impact on our time and daily schedules than we may think.

Garage Door Drum Replacement Service Las Vegas NV
Garage Door Drum Replacement Service Las Vegas NV

Where To Find Affordable Garage Door Repair Las Vegas

Finding affordable garage door repair services is not an easy task. Here we have a few tips that will help you find the best garage door services at affordable rates.

  • Conduct proper research in the local market. It will help you find service providers, and you can even bargain for lower prices. However, it can be a time taking process.
  • Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. They will let you know about some of the top service providers in the market.
  • You can search online because here you will not only get various results, but also you can manage everything from the comfort of your home.
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How Garage Door Drums Work

There are many working components to a functioning garage door to keep it operating smoothly. One of the components is the Garage Door Drum. The drum supports the springs and cables when the garage door is going up and down. The garage door drum keeps the springs and cables properly aligned while rotating in a 360-degree rotation.

Replacing the Garage Drums

With the repetitive use of a garage, it’s only a matter of time when eventually, one of the working components ends up failing. When the garage door drum exhibits signs of chipped pieces, cracks, or the structure of the drum seems damaged or warped, it’s time to contact Pacific Experts to come and replace it.

Garage Door Drum Replacement Service Las Vegas NV

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Check your Drums

It is important to periodically check your garage drums for signs of chipping, dust, rusting, or warped, misshapen drums. When you notice any problems with your drums, you should highly consider hiring a professional garage technician to come and inspect your garage door.

Types of Garage Door Drums

Garage Door Drums are available in two different types, The Torque Force 400-96, and the Torque Force 400-114. The Torque Force 400-96 is usually found in the majority of residential homes, where the garage door weight isn’t usually that heavy – Best Garage Door Drum Replacement Service Las Vegas NV.

The Torque 400-114 is usually located in more heavy-duty garage doors, which carry much heavier weight. For example, large warehouse storage units or commercial building garage doors. The Torque Force 400-96 drums can also handle garage doors that reach up to 12 feet high in length.

Garage Door Safety

You may assume you can complete the replacement of a garage door drum yourself (watching a few instructional videos online). However, drum replacement is more complicated than what is displayed in an instructional video. It is important to have a trained garage door technician inspect and possibly replace any broken garage door drum.

When attempting to replace the drum yourself, you can potentially cause a worse problem in the long run. The cables attached to the drum, if not released correctly during a repair, can cause extreme bodily harm or potentially cause death. Practicing the proper safety etiquette of garage door maintenance is an important factor when performing any garage repair. Properly trained garage door technicians are educated on all the safety practices of garage door maintenance and repair. Contact us now for Garage Door Drum Replacement Service in Las Vegas, Henderson Area.

Garage Door Drum Replacement Service Las Vegas NV


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