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Garage door springs are the mechanism of the garage door which carries the weight of the garage when going up and down. The springs work against gravity to pull the garage door up. The garage door springs are one of the key foundations of a garage door because the springs make it possible to open your garage manually, for example when the power is out. The garage door is made up of two separate springs which attach to the garage door, if one spring is damaged, the garage door can still function on one spring, however it is important to have the damaged spring repaired as quickly as possible. Spring repair becomes the number one priority for safety reasons.

The springs are usually the first mechanism of garage doors to break down because of their constant resistance against the weight of the garage door. Garage door springs can usually be repaired when the springs are first damaged. The longer the springs are not repaired, the more weight is applied to the broken spring and the second backup spring. The added weight and force can cause further damage to the springs. With more damage added to the springs, the springs will eventually be beyond repair and will need replacing. The goal is to have a professional garage technician conduct a spring repair before a spring replacement becomes necessary.

Garage Door Spring Repair Las Vegas NV
Garage Door Spring Repair Las Vegas NV

Types of Garage Door Springs

Our day really begins with stepping into the garage. A garage symbols the beginning and end of the day. As many times a day we use our garage, we tend to not think about all the wear and tear which occurs over time. The multiple times per day we use our garage door, our springs are constantly being pushed and turned. With time, this can cause the springs to wear and tear which will end up causing problems for the garage door. Garage door spring repair is the most common repair done compared to other issues that can happen.

When there is a problem with your garage door springs, it is important to have them repaired as soon as possible. The longer the springs remain unrepaired, the more issues that can arise and cause future problems with the garage door even cause the need for spring replacement. When garage doors are installed, they come equipped with springs to open and shut the garage. Many people are unaware that there are two types of garage door springs, extension, and torsion.

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Extension Springs – Garage Door Spring Repair Summerlin

Extension Springs are the most common type of garage door springs found in residential homes. When the garage door opens and closes the extension springs are extended to provide leverage to support the movement and weight of the garage door. With any increased weight from the garage door, the springs will extend further to counteract the external weight.

In case of an event where the springs fail because of damage, safety cables which are connected to the springs, will prevent the springs from hyperextending and ripping off the track. The reason extension springs are more common in residential homes is linked to the cost. Extension springs are much less expensive than torsion springs, extension springs have a shorter life span and are less durable.

Garage Door Spring Repair Las Vegas NV

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Torsion Springs

A torsion spring is a more heavy-duty type of spring for garages. Instead of extending like extension springs, torsion springs use torque to create the movement of garage doors.

When the garage door is activated, torsion springs begin to twist then coil at a slow rate to raise or lower the garage door. Torsion springs tend to last longer than extension springs because they are much less vulnerable to exposure and can handle the force of more weight than extension springs.

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