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Professional Garage Door Cable Repair Service in Las Vegas

Pacific Experts Garage Door Company Provides The Best Garage Door Cable Replacement, Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Services. Been Servicing Las Vegas Homes – for many years, If You Need Professional Garage Door Cable Repair In Las Vegas, Henderson Or Summerlin Nevada, We Can Handle That Same day – We have 24-7 Service Available! We’re Experts in Commercial and Residential Garage Door Cable Repair and a lot more. The Best Garage Door Cable Repair Service Firm in Las Vegas NV Just call (702) 660-4499 for your fast, free quote.

Garage Door Cable Repair Service In Las Vegas & Henderson NV – One of the worst noises that can come from your garage door is a snapping sound. When this sound occurs it can usually be linked to a broken garage door cable. When a cable breaks, the support of the garage door is compromised and cannot retract properly. Pacific Experts recommend that if this happens, you don’t attempt to raise or lower your garage door and call us for an emergency garage door cable repair. When cables break the garage door, the weight is not supported or distributed properly and attempting to open or close the garage door with a broken cable can potentially cause bodily harm to yourself.

The Cables

The Garage Door Cables are the cords that run through the garage door springs. There are two types of Garage door cables, extended and torsion. The cables are dependent on the type of springs you have in your garage, extended springs are paired with extended cables and torsion springs are paired with torsion cables. Extension cables are most common in residential homes where the garage door isn’t that heavy.

Torsion cables are used with heavier weighted garage doors, such as wood doors. Both cables operate differently however, they are both conducting the same function of raising and lowering the garage door. When you are in need of a Garage Door Cable Repair Service in Las Vegas NV, contact Pacific Experts. We are more than happy to help with our 24-hour services.

Why Cables Break

All garage door cables whether you have extended cables or torsion cables can break down eventually. The cables are subjected to friction and pressure from the weight of the garage door as the garage door raises and lowers. Cables can wear over time, which causes them to lose their durability and with enough time they can end up snapping.

Sometimes the garage door cables improperly wind around the drum causing the garage door to shift toward one particular side. When the cables become frayed with constant pulling and winding, they are able to snap within an instant. Rusting is another problem for garage door cables because garage doors are made of metal, they are able to rust. If the rust is spotted in enough time, sometimes a garage door cable repair can be done.

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Technician vs Do it Yourself

Many people consider themselves handy and prefer to make their own home repairs. When it comes to repairing garages, a very strong understanding of garage doors and the parts that make it up are extremely important. Garage door repairs are more complex than people may think, garage doors require the proper tools and maintenance practices in order to be repaired effectively.

When people attempt to fix their garage doors, they tend not to know all the safety hazards which come along during a repair. Last year 18,000 injuries were related to garage doors alone. It is always safer to have a technician repair your garage door – Contact us for Garage Door Cable Repair Service Las Vegas.

Garage Door Service

One of the things people can do to prevent worn garage door cables is having their garage door yearly serviced. Choosing to have your garage door yearly serviced will help prevent major unexpected breakdowns of the garage door. A trained garage door technician on a routine service call will inspect your cables for signs of fraying and rust. A technician will also inspect all the other working components of your garage door to make sure they are in working order.

Many times when one problem arises, it can cause another problem to occur. The parts that make up a garage door are all interconnected to each other to aid in the raising and lowering of the garage door. Pacific Experts Garage Door provides routine maintenance to your garage to make sure it’s in working order –  Best Garage Door Cable Repair Service in Las Vegas NV.

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