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The next time you enter your garage ask yourself, “ When was the last time my garage door was given a good look over.” If you can’t even remember the last time your garage door was professional looked at, it’s time for a garage door opener inspection. Garage doors are always under constant wear from consistent use, this means they require routine care. But what if your garage isn’t giving you any problems and its working fine? Your garage may perform fine, however, the working parts could be just about ready to give out.

When garage doors go years and years without service future problems start to build up, over time these problems all come to light causing an expensive garage repair bill. The way to prevent future garage door problems is to have a garage door technician come and inspect your garage door yearly. During your garage door service visit, your garage will be fully inspected to make sure your parts are working well. Often times during a garage door opener inspection a technician can spot potential problems such as rust and buildup on cables. The technicians at Pacific Experts Garage Door are trained to catch the problem early enough to prevent a bigger, more costly problem from arising.

What Will Be Inspected


The garage door sensors are at the bottom 6 inches of your garage and prevent the garage from shutting when there is a person or object in the pathway of the door. Sensors are a safety device attached to your garage door to help prevent injury or damage to your garage. A garage door opener inspection of the sensors will make sure they are properly working and the wires are not damaged.

Tracks and Rollers

Garage door tracks are located on both sides of the garage and are parallel to one another. The tracks aid in keeping the garage doors properly in place and aligned. The tracks can be vulnerable to damage by cars or other garage items such as boxes. Tracks oftentimes become bent or cracked from external sources, this can cause the garage to come of its alignment and not function properly. The garage door rollers are on both sides of the garage and run along the tracks. Rollers can get caught in between damaged tracks preventing them to roll evenly against the tracks. Dust and debris build up along the tracks can also block the rollers from being able to roll on the tracks smoothly.

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The garage door drum is a large cylinder at the top of the garage which winds the garage door cables when the garage is opening or closing. The garage door cables wrap and unwind continuously around the drum. The drum can develop cracks and dents which can affect the rotation of the cables when lifting and lowering the garage door. Garage door cables can become improperly wound when there is damage to the drum causing the garage door to shift.

Benefits of a Yearly Inspection

Having your garage yearly inspected can have a great impact on your garage. Routine maintenance to your garage and regular tune-ups will help make your garage perform at its most optimum. The garage parts will be lubricated with a special type of garage door lubricant. Lubrication helps keep the garage door parts working and increases their lifetime. The inspection will also check to see if any future problems are on the rise when caught early enough the garage door technician is usually able to fix the problem instead of having it replaced. When the garage door parts are maintained yearly, they have a higher rate of lasting longer. Many garage door problems are due to not having routine maintenance done in the garage.

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