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Garage Door Tune Up and Inspection

Never underestimate the value of a garage tune-up by a professional garage technician. With our busy lives and hectic schedules, garage maintenance can sometimes slip our mind year after year. The longer we don’t attend to our garage doors the more the problems begin to build up over time. With the accumulation of garage door problems, the higher our garage door repair problems will be when problems finally show themselves. Garage Door safety becomes a legitimate concern when garages are not serviced regularly every year. This can simply be prevented by having a garage door technician inspect your garage periodically.

Why Have a Garage Tune-up

Garage door tune-ups should occur yearly on a well-maintained garage. A garage door tune-up will check and inspect all the working components of your garage door to make sure it’s in proper working order. Even if your garage seems to be working fine without any problems, there can be issues with it that are not showing themselves yet, however, given enough time, they will eventually come up. The key is preventive maintenance.

With preventive maintenance, you are ensuring your garage is in great working order, as well as spotting any early signs of potential repair problems. When a garage door technician is able to catch these potential repair problems early enough, they can be repaired and serviced before the problem becomes any worse and more costly.

What Will Happen During A Garage Tune-up

A professional garage door technician will inspect your garage door and all its working components. The garage door springs will probably be one of the first items your garage door technician will check during the service visit. Garage door springs can wear and tear over time because they are constantly either extending or winding depending on if you have extension springs or torsion springs. When garage door springs fail and are not caught in time, they have to be replaced, however by having a garage door technician do an annual tune-up, it can lead to just having springs repaired vs an expensive replacement.

The tune-up will also include a look at your garage door tracks and rollers to make sure they are properly aligned and greased. Many garage components don’t get properly lubricated over the years, this can cause rust and damage to the springs, tracks, rollers, panels, and hinges over an amount of time.

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Garage Door Safety

Garage door accidents do happen and many garage door related accidents could have been prevented by having a routine tune-up. Garages can be very dangerous when not properly maintained, our garage
doors are one of the primary ways we enter and leave our homes, it is important that we keep our garages in working order. Broken springs or hinges can cause garage doors to fail, which could cause bodily harm to someone who is using the garage at that time. A garage door technician will check to make sure all aspects of your garage are in working order so the cause for potential safety hazards won’t happen.

Garage Door Savings

When you decide to have your garage door tuned up, you are actually saving money in the long term. Many garage door repairs occur when we leave out garages unmaintained for long periods at a time. Sometimes we think our garages are indestructible and don’t need maintenance, however, the longer our garages go without routine maintenance, the more costly the repairs will be when they actually come to light. Although garage door repairs can be costly, a way to lower cost is proper adherence to maintenance each year.

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