How to Fix Garage Door Sensor

Garage Door Sensor. How to Fix Garage Door Sensor

The garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. Safety and security of your property from theft, fire and possible invaders can be easily guaranteed by a well-working garage door. You should take care of it and give it some necessary servicing regularly if you want to continue enjoying all its perks. If you also notice that the door is not working properly or something else is wrong with it, don’t panic! Follow this article closely and learn how to fix garage door sensors and make your door work again as new (hopefully)!

The Causes of Sensor Issues

It’s not always easy to tell that there is a problem with the door sensor. How can you recognize if it’s faulty? First, you need to conduct a garage door opener inspection. This will enable you to find out what’s causing your garage door sensor issue.

Tips to conduct a garage door opener installation:

  •     First check if the light on the unit is still shining when activated by remote controls, wall buttons or motion detectors. If it doesn’t work at all, try replacing its battery (if needed). This might be all that was necessary in your case and everything will be back to normal after that.
  •     How much time does it take for the light to go off? A short period of time (no more than 30 seconds) may indicate an overload issue: if so, resetting the system would be the most recommended solution.
  •     If it takes longer than that (up to 5 minutes, for example), an issue with the wiring is a much more likely explanation. Check where sensors are placed and see if there’s anything blocking their line of sight or sound (like dirt on the lenses, leaves, branches from nearby trees that touch or even grow over wires). Clean everything as best you can (if needed) and then try triggering them again. This has helped many users in similar situations – it might help you too!
  •     Sometimes the trouble happens because of low power supply. Sometimes all you need to do is to check the safety sensors’ connection – either tighten or replace loose wires (if needed). You might also want to consider getting a new transformer (for example, visit garage-door’s rating and review section on Amazon for some great choices) as the source of power.
  •     If you have recently installed a new opener in your garage or have made any other type of changes that affect how the door operates, it can cause problems with working of its sensors. For starters, let the system learn the new settings and then retest everything. Use a remote control in order to test whether the unit is working as intended or not.
  •     Another common reason why garage door sensors are not working properly is that they are faulty. The answer lies within replacement parts – just like replacement bulbs for cars, these parts usually fit right in even when you upgrade your opener (talk with the representative of the manufacturer and choose well-rated products on Amazon).

How to Fix Garage Door Sensor

Fixing a garage door sensor is a piece of cake. There are many models of sensors, but most of them are built similar so instructions should work for most models.

Steps to fix your garage door sensor:

  1. You will need to remove the collar from the garage door with the screwdriver and then also remove any screws you might find on the wall near your garage door.
  2. Now you have to detach and lift up the sensor and disconnect it from the wiring before you take it off.
  3. When you have removed it, you will see that there are two screws holding it in its place.
  4. Remove them, but be careful not to lose them.
  5. Finally put everything back in the opposite order so it would work properly again without a hitch!

Failure to follow one of these steps will result in having a garage door sensor that won’t work. Of course, you can still figure out what is wrong with it and try to fix it as we have shown above but chances are that if the equipment is damaged too severely, it might need to be replaced!

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