How To Keep Children Safe Around Garage Doors

How To Keep Children Safe Around Garage Doors

Every year as many as 20,000 injuries happen as a result of garage doors. Regrettably, many of these injuries sustained around garage doors tend to be by younger children playing around the garage doors. It’s easy to keep children safe around garage doors by following these garage door safety tips from Pacific Experts Garage Doors in Las Vegas!

Garage Door Safety Tips

Keep children safe around garage doors with these tips:

Make Sure That Safety Sensors Are Working and Aligned

Just about every garage door system will be equipped with a set of safety sensors that will cause the garage door to auto-reverse when they sense an obstruction. These sensors are essential for keeping your family safe around the garage doors because they will stop the garage door when a child or pet crosses the sensors. Inspect these sensors to make sure that they are working properly.

If they are misaligned or not working properly, contact a garage door repair company immediately.

Set Boundaries With Children Playing Around the Garage

While there are times that it’s okay to play around the garage, it’s important to set boundaries with children so that they understand the risks that come with running in and out of the garage. There are so many ways that children can get hurt around garage doors, such as cars and clutter and even the garage door itself.

Do not let children play around the garage unsupervised so that you can keep children safe around the garage.

Avoid Clutter Around the Garage Door

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably use your garage to store tools, seasonal decorations, and vehicles. This can become clutter very easily. When clutter is paired with children, it is almost always a recipe for disaster. It becomes easy for children not to watch where they are going, and all of a sudden, they trip over the clutter and hurt themselves.

Be sure to keep your garage clear of clutter and store items neatly away from the floors where they will not cause injury.

Keep Garage Door Remotes Out of Reach

Children love to play with remotes, especially the kind that they can press easily click— just like your garage door remote! If your children are tall enough to reach the mounted garage door remote, be sure to go over boundaries and rules to treat it as a toy. If your children are not old enough to reach the remote, then you’re doing great by keeping it out of reach! But you will also want to keep your garage door remotes away from children.

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