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Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement Service Las Vegas

Because we use our garages so often, coming and going to work, leaving for our weekend errands, and coming home from a fun night out, it is inevitable that we will experience some type of garage door issues at some point. With our busy schedules it sometimes rather difficult to find time to devote to garage maintenance and repairs.

When a problem occurs, typically with our garage door springs, we rely on the second spring to take up the slack. Over time we forget about it or place it on hold because we still have one active spring left. We eventually have waited so long that the second garage door spring has given in and is unfortunately beyond repair. When this occurs we are left with having to bring in an expert garage repair technician for spring replacement service.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Las Vegas NV
Garage Door Spring Replacement Las Vegas NV

Why Do I Need to Replace My Garage Door Springs?

The average garage door is opened 1,500 times per year, in the course of 10 years, that’s around 15,000 times

When garages are used as frequently as 1,500 times per year, problems will eventually arise from wear and tear. The constant movement of garage door parts and exposure to dust and particles can cause garage door springs to break down. In some cases if attended to quickly, the springs might be able to be repaired instead of replaced, however, because of the second backup spring, we sometimes fail to notice a problem, until the issue has worsened beyond repair. In this particular case, a garage door spring replacement is needed to effectively restore your garage to working order.

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Which Type of Garage Spring Is Right for My Garage?

Garage doors can be an intimidating feature of your home to fully understand. There are a lot of working components to a garage door to operate correctly on a daily basis. There are two types of garage springs: torsion and extension.

The differences in the garage door springs are based on the ability to last longer and the amount of weight they can support. Both garage springs move the garage door up and down, however, the process on how it’s done, is unique to each type of garage spring.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Las Vegas NV

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Extension Springs

Extension Springs are the most common types of springs found in most garages. When home builders are constructing a home, they tend to want to be as cost-effective as possible, so when it comes to the garage, builders typically use an extension garage door springs. The extension springs are less expensive when compared to torsion springs because they have a much shorter half-life and are less inclined to handle the same amount of force.

The extension garage springs are extended when the garage door is actively moving up or down, the springs are able to counteract the force of gravity to move the garage. The more force that is needed to operate the garage door, will produce a higher amount of extension from the springs.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs are becoming more popular to use when replacing older extension garage door springs The lasting ability of torsion springs is much greater than extension springs because torsion springs are built stronger and are able to handle a much greater amount of force. When the garage door retracts or closes, the torsion springs will twist and coil alongside the track. Fewer maintenance repairs come up with torsion springs because their parts are less exposed.

Torsion springs are more expensive than extension springs upfront, although, in the long run, they end up being much more cost-effective, saving money in the long term. With torsion springs lasting much longer, being able to operate with much more weight, and requiring much less maintenance, they are considered the preferred replacement option.

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