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During your routinely garage clean up, you may have noticed an accumulation of excess dirt, water residue or even rodent feces. This just didn’t appear magically into your garage, it happens during the year with external weather and small bugs and rodents slipping into the cracks of your garage door floor. Garage doors are usually built with garage door seals to prevent outside weather from entering into your garage, however, over the years the sealant which was originally placed on the garage may wear down over time and become less effective. When the sealant becomes less effective, the higher amount of damage that can be done to your garage over time. This is when weatherstripping can be very beneficial. Taking the time to properly maintain your garage and replace worn out sealant can really help with the efficiency of your garage.

What is Weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping involves using weather sealing on the bottom part of your garage door. Composed of a vinyl or rubber material, the sealant is used to block external weather. The sealant placed on the bottom of the garage door can become weathered and damaged over time allowing for external debris to slip through the cracks.

Replacing the previous sealant will prevent excess weather debris from entering into the garage. The individual garage door panels can be weather-stripped by removing excess mold and debris over time which has accumulated in between the panels. Weatherstripping the panels will seal off the garage doors even further.

Creating Better Garage Efficiency

When a garage has gone years with the original weatherstripping sealant not being replaced, the garage can lose much of its efficiency to maintain proper insulation. The external weather can make its way in through the weathered cracks of the old sealant and cause your garage and home to take in more outside weather conditions. This in effect can cause your home to become less efficient and may raise your power bill in the process. With the right sealant and weatherstripping, you can restore your garage insulation and prevent additional problems.

Pacific Experts Garage Door - WEATHERSTRIPPING

The Pros of Weatherstripping Your Garage Door

Weatherstripping is an investment to your garage, which can save you hundreds if not thousands on preventing future garage door repairs and power bill costs. Installing sealant for your garage prevents excess debris from entering into your garage, when excess debris enters your garage, the higher chance the debris can get caught in between the garage door tracks, springs, rollers or power unit. Weatherstripping is a small investment to your garage, which can save you hundreds if not thousands on future garage door repairs and power bill costs. We recommend checking the condition of your weatherstripping on your garage door once or twice a year, and for those without weatherstripping, call Pacific Experts today!

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