4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

When was the last time that you upgraded your garage door opener? Is it the same garage door that came with the house, or have you moved on to newer and better garage door solutions for your home? At Pacific Experts Garage Doors, we spend a lot of time with garage doors, and we’ve seen the good, the bad, the old, and the really old when it comes to garage door openers. We’re here to tell you that it may be time to upgrade your garage door opener. Here are just a few reasons why.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener For Security Features

One of the biggest and most important reasons why you should look into replacing your garage door opener has to do with updating the security features on your garage door. By upgrading your garage door openers to a new model, you can integrate your garage door into smartphones and keypads that give garage access to only the people and devices that you trust.

Your Current Garage Door Opener Is Outdated

If your garage door and garage door opener are the exact model that came with the home, then you may find that as garage door repairs and maintenance become more and more necessary, it will be harder to find parts and technicians who still work on those models. The benefits of having a newer garage door opener installed in your home is that the abundance of parts and knowledgeable technicians will drive the cost of maintenance and repairs way down. You will also experience fewer issues with your garage door opener from wear and tear as the years go on.

You Want More Peace and Quiet

Is your garage door opener loud and annoying? We know the feeling. Any time an old garage door system is operated, the sound of old gears grinding and squeaking on each other is enough to make the whole house shake. While you can have garage door maintenance to help keep parts lubricated, there is only so much that you can do. It may be time to switch to a newer, quieter, garage door opener.

Converting Your Home To a Wireless Smart Home

It’s 2021, and Smart homes are IN. Smart home integrations are some of the most convenient and affordable upgrades that you can make to your home. Smart home features allow you to connect your home wirelessly with all of your devices to give you more control over your home. One great garage door opener feature is the ability to give mail delivery drivers access to your garage so that you packages do not have to sit on your front porch until you return home. This is just one feature, but it is one to consider!

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