Benefits of a WI-Fi Connected Garage Door

Benefits of a WI-Fi Connected Garage Door

Have you ever driven off from your home to go to work and halfway through your morning commute you stop and ask yourself, “did I leave the garage door open?” If only there was a way to know for sure if you did close your garage door or not. Without being late! At Pacific Experts Garage Doors, we’re all too familiar with this. In fact, we’re always thinking about better ways to improve garage doors. Luckily, with the invention of Wi-Fi connected garage doors, there is a way!

But what are the benefits of these devices anyway?

Open and Close Your Garage Door from Anywhere

We sped into the age of technology! It was only a matter of time until the internet of things found a solution to every one of our problems. This includes our garage doors. Installing a wi-fi connected garage door allows you to have access to your garage door opener from where ever you are.

When would ever need to open a garage door from anywhere?

You may be asking, “why would I ever need to open my garage door if I’m not there?”

We have all been locked out of our house without a key. Or we needed to give a family member access to your home when we were away. Or forgotten to double-check that you closed your garage door before leaving for work?

Well, a wi-fi connected garage door can be the right solution for you. A wi-fi enabled garage door will allow you to see if your garage door is open or closed and allow you to activate the garage door opener remotely whenever you need to!

Get Push Notifications

Since wi-fi enabled garage doors are connected to an app on your phone, you will be able to receive notifications every time your garage door is opened and closed. This is perfect for parents who want to know when their children get home from school or anyone who would like to make sure that their garage is not being accessed by anyone who is not supposed to be there.

Push notifications for your wi-fi enabled garage door will allow you to keep a pulse on your home while you are not there. It may even help you answer your “did I remember to close the garage door again?” question.

Schedule Garage Lights

Most modern garage doors and openers have motion-sensitive lights that turn on when they sense… well, motion. This is great for when you’re trying to see in your garage at night! With wi-fi enabled garage door you will also be able to schedule your lights to come on when the sun sets or randomly throughout the night to act as an added layer of security.