Reasons To Have a Garage Door Opener Keypad

Reasons To Have a Garage Door Opener Keypad

Have you put off updating your home to keep up with the ever-advancing technology that seems to be changing by the day? For many homeowners, like those who live in an older home, keeping up with these upgrades can be difficult, especially if you aren’t actively searching for the latest home upgrades. When it comes to your garage, the upgrades that you should be aware of are those that make your life more convenient! At Pacific Experts Garage Doors, we love finding ways to improve the way that you interact with your garage. So today, we’re looking at the ways that a garage door opener keypad can improve your life.

Garage door opener keypads are a safe and convenient way to improve your home while making your life easier in the process. Here’s how:

#1 Never Get Locked Out Again!

The primary reason that a garage door opener keypad can help improve your life is by allowing you to access your garage without the use of a remote. Never get locked out again!

This perfect if you: don’t have a remote to control your garage door operator, left your garage door remote in your other car, or if you forgot to bring your house keys out with you! Additionally, you will never have to manually open your garage door again.

#2 It’s Perfect For Back-to-School

Speaking of getting locked out, having a garage door opener keypad makes it easy for your children to get into the house on those days that they forget their house key (I know I wasn’t the only kid to lose my fair share of keys…). In fact, you can save yourself the hassle of making a copy of your house key and use your garage door as the main point of entry for your child when they come home from the bus stop.

#3 Ideal for a Detached Garage

Do you have a detached garage? Installing a garage door keypad is perfect for giving those people in your life who you allow into your garage greater access to yard tools without giving them access to your home. Perfect for friendly neighbors who lend tools regularly or for commercial garage doors that have multiple people coming in and out.

#4 Integrate Your Keypad With Your Security System for Greater Security

If you’re worried that a garage door keypad may come with some risks, we have great news for you!

With the invention of more and more Smart Home technology, it was only a matter of time until the Internet of Things made its way into your garage. Smart garage door operators can be integrated with your home security system to alert you every time your garage door is opened. This is perfect for monitoring your home while you are away to ensure that your garage is only accessed by those that you are anticipating to be there!