How Your Garage Door Can Make Your Home Stand Out

How Your Garage Door Can Make Your Home Stand Out

You want your new home to stand out and it feels good to live in a clean, attractive house; keeping your home up-to-date makes the entire neighborhood look good, too. Your garage door is a major feature and truly is the gateway to your home. It takes up far more space than your entryway and can draw more attention than even the best landscaping. A beautiful garage door can change the look of your entire home. At Pacific Experts Garage Doors in Las Vegas, we understand that you take time and effort to choose a beautiful front door, to tend your lawn, and to keep a fresh coat of paint on your exterior. The same care should apply to selecting a garage door. Here’s how your garage door can make your home stand out.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Make Your Home Look New

A little color goes a long way in making a garage door stand out. Choose one that complements the home. You can create contrast by using a lighter or darker color than the one you have in your garage already. Think about extending the look of your home to the garage and find new colors that allow you to express yourself and your unique personality.

Not All Garage Doors Are Build the Same

There are so many styles and options that can enhance your home’s overall look. Consider a different material like wood or steel. Many doors offer vertical or horizontal patterns, besides the traditional paneled look. If your budget allows, wood doors make a spectacular impression, offering a variety of grains and bold stains that add a rich look. Window panes are another way to add character and set your door apart from other similar doors in the neighborhood. Iron hinges or accents are also a marvelous way to spruce up your garage door.

Choose a Different Style Garage Door Frame

If you have a traditionally styled home, having a curved frame for your garage door can be a good idea. Curved frames go best with a classic design as they add a modern element to the overall outlook of your house.So when you feel like renovating the garage door, you can have it installed in a clipped or curved frame.

Pacific Experts Garage Doors Las Vegas

Sometimes, it’s fun to switch things up, especially when it comes to the front of your home. Adding decorative hardware to your Pacific Experts garage door may be a perfect touch to enhance your home’s curb appeal! Our collection of door accents brings a distinctive, yet subtle, touch of individuality to your garage door. An added bonus? People will notice your attention to detail and good taste!