Making Your Garage Doors Smart

Making Your Garage Doors Smart

Have you made your garage doors smart yet? We’re talking about adding smart home features to your garage door that will make using your garage door and giving access to individuals that you trust east, safe, and, most importantly, cost-effective! If you’re unfamiliar with smart home garage door features, then join Pacific Experts Garage Door as we break down the best reasons why you need to make your garage doors smart!

Smart Home Features for Garage Doors

First of all, what are smart garage door features? Smart garage door features are technology, typically wireless add-ons, that you install on your existing garage door opener to allow you to have more control over operating and monitoring your garage. The most common smart garage door features are the smart garage door opener, the smart garage door hub, and smart garage cameras.
Smart garage door openers are modern operators (like the one on the ceiling of your garage) that can connect to your home’s wifi, allowing you to control it from your cellphone.
Smart garage door hubs are essentially adaptors that allow you to turn your old garage door operator into a smart garage door operator at a fraction of the cost. Most smart garage door hubs cost less than $100.
Smart Garage Cameras are wireless cameras that allow you to monitor your garage via a live stream feed that you can tune in to whenever you feel like it. Smart garage cameras also allow for 2 way communication.

The Benefits of Making Your Garage Doors Smart

Making your garage door “smart” is efficient, cost-effective, and adds security to your home!
With a smart home garage door system, you can add trusted users such as your spouse, children, and family who can operate the garage door from their devices as well. This gives the whole family access to the garage so they never have to be locked out or worry about losing their garage door remotes.
Additionally, in select markets where Amazon Key is available, your Amazon delivery person will also be able to open your garage door in order to deliver your packages. This is great if you want to prevent thieves from stealing packages from your front porch.
And with a smart garage camera, you can keep an eye on your garage to make sure that nobody ever comes in uninvited or leaves with any of your valuable possessions.

Pacific Experts Garage Doors Las Vegas Garage Door Installation

Are you ready to have the latest smart home features installed on your garage doors to increase the security and convenience of using your garage doors? Then give Pacific Experts Garage Door in Las Vegas a call. Our garage door technicians can install any smart home features that you need on your garage door. We service the greater Las Vegas valley from Summerlin and Centennial to Henderson and North Las Vegas. Give us a call today to schedule your smart garage door installation.