Prevent Garage Door Issues Before They Happen

Prevent Garage Door Issues Before They Happen

When it comes to garage door issues, the best kind are those that never happen in the first place! While it’s perfectly normal for things to break, especially when they have as many moving parts as your garage door, with the proper attention and care, you can prevent garage door issues before they happen. Garage doors should be inspected once a year (twice if you can swing it) to make sure that everything is perfectly in order. It’s this routine check-up that allows for Pacific Experts to perform routine maintenance that can extend the life of your garage door!

Be Proactive: Offense Is the Best Defense

If you want to prevent garage door issues, then you want to make sure that you act proactively. A little bit of attention and care can go a long way in preventing major malfunctions.

Do Your Part

When it comes to garage door issues that require repairs and replacements (like when you break a torsion spring!) you will likely need to enlist the help of a professional. But there are still things that you can do around your garage to ensure that you take care of garage door issues before a major repair is needed.

Look and Listen

Every time that you are in your garage you want to look and listen for anything that could cause your garage door issues. This means that when you open your garage door you need to listen for screeching noises, scraping, stalling, and anything else that sounds out of the normal for your garage door.

Additionally, you want to inspect the tracks of your garage door to look for anything that may obstruct opening and closing.

Remove Potential Obstructions

If you do find any objects, dirt, or rust obstructing the areas around the springs, rollers, or chains of your garage door, remove what you can immediately. If your garage door is obstructed by any objects it can cause the garage door to derail causing serious damage and/or injury.

Keep Your Garage Door Clean, and Lubricated

Additionally, the rollers and springs that help open and close need to be lubricated in order to prevent friction from impeding their ability to operate properly. If you notice that springs and rollers need to be lubricated, or hear any grindings, squeaking, or scraping: you can apply store-bought synthetic lubricant for garage doors.

Hire the Pros at Pacific Experts Garage Doors

Finally, if you notice that your garage door is off the tracks, or that springs, rollers, or chains need to be replaced you can contact Pacific Experts Garage Doors. Our dedicated team of experts can help you repair or replace any garage door issues in Las Vegas.