Preventing Garage Door Issues in Winter

Preventing Garage Door Issues in Winter

For many of us, our garage doors are an afterthought that really only cross our mind when we’re waiting for it to open and close. We rarely think about garage door maintenance until it is too late and we are inconvenienced by a broken spring or a damaged safety sensor. Issues like these are increasingly common during the colder winter months. At Pacific Experts Garage Door, we’re all too familiar with the ways that winter can wreak havoc on your garage doors. Follow these recommendations for preventing garage door issues this winter.

Broken Springs

One of the most common garage door issues to experience during the cold winter months are broken springs. Torsion springs tend to be more vulnerable to damage during winter when the cold air makes metal stiff and brittle. Springs should last about ten thousand (10,000) cycles before wear and tear cause them to break. Worn out springs can break under the weight of opening the garage door which can be dangerous. If you notice that your torsion springs are damaged or broken, call Pacific Experts. Our professional technicians can replace your springs immediately.

Damaged Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping your garage door is a very effective way of keeping rain, wind, and snow out of your garage. It is even more important during winter when you are more likely to experience inclement weather. From December through February, you are more likely to experience low temperatures that drop below freezing in some cases. This can cause the rubber weatherstripping to dry and crack or even stick the ground overnight. This can cause the weatherstripping to separate from your garage door rendering it useless. While replacing weatherstripping is rather inexpensive, it is important that you do so promptly.

Remember to Lubricate

Your garage door is composed of a bunch of moving metal parts that require lubrication in order to operate without being damaged from friction. During winter when temperatures plummet, it is most important that you lubricate your rails properly to make sure that they do not jam or break. Applying a high-quality lubricant to the rails, rollers, and hinges should keep your garage door moving smoothly all winter long.

Routine Maintenance

By far, the best method of preventing garage door issues in winter is to have a certified technician inspect your garage door regularly. Routine maintenance can prevent and resolve issues caused by the weather or normal wear and tear before the issue becomes a more expensive repair.

If you experience any issues with your garage door this winter, call the garage door experts at Pacific Experts Garage Doors.