Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

When spring comes rolling in, it seems that we get the urge to rid ourselves of clutter and purge all of our unused and unnecessary belongings. For many homeowners, this means clearing out closets and pantries, but for others, this means organizing the garage. Cleaning out the garage is a necessary part of your Spring Cleaning regimen and it’s important that you don’t leave this overlooked. For many homeowners, almost half of all homeowners, in fact, the garage is the least organized space in your home. When you consider that so many people rely on their garage for covered parking, organizing your garage this Spring is a no-brainer! Here’s a simple way to approach Spring Cleaning your garage from your garage specialists at Pacific Experts!

Come up With a Game Plan

As you would expect to do with any other project, Spring cleaning your garage will require you to come up with a plan if you want to do it as efficiently as possible! Take a good look at your garage and all of your belongings and evaluate what problems currently exist and priorities and what needs to be done in what order.

Having a clear sense of direction before getting started will help things run as smoothly as possible. If your goal is to get rid of clutter make that a priority. If your goal is simply to organize better, then make that the priority. Whatever you do though, come up with a game plan!

Enlist Some Help

Once you have a clear idea of what needs to be done, it’s time to get to work cleaning out your garage. When it comes to any project around the house, nothing makes it go by quicker than enlisting some help! Luckily, there’s just about nothing more enticing than offering your friends and family some pizza and beer to help make your spring cleaning go by faster!

Assembling a team of friends to help you work through the clutter can help you get through your spring cleaning faster, but it’s important that everyone has a clear direction. That’s where step 1 comes into play.

Remember to take plenty of pizza breaks to ensure that you don’t exhaust yourselves.

Declutter as You Clean

One of the most important things to remember when cleaning out any space is to declutter as you clean. This means that as you find items that you no longer need, such as old boxes, trash, or even items worth donating, place them in the appropriate bins.

Removing excess items as you go will allow you to focus on the items that you are keeping and that simply needs to be reorganized. Everything else can go into the trash bin, recycling, or donation/yard sale pile.

Inspect Your Garage Door Thoroughly

Finally, as you finish up the organizing and decluttering of your garage, give your garage door an inspection to ensure that everything is in order. Check your garage door opener, operator, the photo-lens sensors, and even the rollers to make sure that nothing needs replacing. If you do find that your garage door could use some repairs on even the smallest parts, contact Pacific Experts Garage Doors today.