Summer Garage Cleaning

Summer Garage Cleaning

As you pull up your car into the garage and you look around you know its time for the inevitable task of cleaning out your garage. Believe it or not, summer can be a great time to clean out your garage if you begin early in the morning and avoid the heat. Cleaning your garage during the summer prepares your garage for the fall and winter months when a change in weather will cause dust accumulation and a much colder environment to work in. The benefits of cleaning your garage can also help your health, reducing the amount of dust in your garage. When looking at your garage, the thought of cleaning it out can seem like a daunting task, however, if the right steps are taken you can have a clean and organized garage in a timely manner.

Pacific Experts has some great tips on how to clean your garage this summer in the most efficient manner.

Take Everything Out

One of the first steps in cleaning out your garage is taking everything out so you can have a clear space to work with. Attempting to clean out the garage with items all around you, won’t allow for a thorough clean. By taking out all the items in your garage you will have a good idea how much space you have to work with when you place items back in.

Chuck Out Items

In every garage, there are items which are sitting in a corner somewhere collecting dust. Over the years you may have justified in keeping items that are going unused in the garage, however, most of those items are outdated, broken, or unusable. These items have passed their prime and are ready to be chucked out into the garbage. It is impossible to keep your garage organized when you have piles and piles of items that are sitting around collecting dust. The key to an organized clean garage is keeping your garage materials down to a minimum.

Sweep it Clean

Almost every garage requires a good sweeping and your garage isn’t the exception. Over the years garages are a haven for collections of dust and debris. Cleaning out your garage can not only make your garage cleaner but also aid in reducing problems with your health. The high amount of dust in your garage can cause or induce health problems such as asthma. Dust particles can get into your lungs as you inhale make it more difficult to breathe, this can especially be a problem with younger children.
Grab an industrial-sized broom and begin to sweep out your garage one section at a time, you may want to use a face mask to prevent any dust from entering into your lungs.

Consider Your Storage

Before you place items back into your garage, you want to first think about where you want to place everything. Since you have lessened the number of items going back into the garage, you will have much more space to work with. If you have space, consider putting up cabinets on the walls, this may seem as though it’s creating less room, however, it is maximizing your space potential. Along with keeping your garage more organized, cabinets have great space potential and they give you extra room to store your items.