What Does a Garage Door Cable Do?

What Does a Garage Door Cable Do

What is a Garage Door Cable and What Does it Do?

A garage door cable is a thin steel wire that you can find winding around the pulleys of your garage door. The motor uses this cable to pull the garage door up, so when it breaks or gets stuck, there’s no way for you to open your garage from inside or outside the house.

Cables are an essential part of any type of opener because they’re responsible for keeping a torsion spring unwound while the carriage assembly moves back and forth along tracks on either side. They also anchor counterbalance springs which support most of the weight of a heavy wood or metal door. As garage door cables age, they can stretch out and wear down, so it’s important to inspect them regularly.

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Stay Safe when Working with Cables

The springs attached to the drum are under tension at all times, so you should never attempt to unplug or disconnect cables without resistance. This is especially true for extension spring systems because if your cable breaks while your carriage is in motion, the spring could snap back quickly and cause serious damage to you or an unsuspecting bystander.

If this happens, don’t try holding on to the door; let go immediately because it could seriously hurt or kill you. You should also make sure that both hands are always behind your back for safety reasons.

If the springs become loose because one of your cables is broken, you should immediately disconnect the power so you can avoid being hurt. However, some torsion spring systems are designed with low-tension safety cables instead of extension springs. These have a free-swinging arm that will stop your door if one of the cables breaks.

If this happens, there’s no need to disconnect your opener because it’ll be safe. Just engage the emergency release mechanism on the side of your garage and open it manually until you’re able to get something done about your broken cable(s).

If your system uses extension springs, things are slightly more complicated because you’ll have to make sure that all power gets turned off before attempting any repairs or adjustments. Otherwise, you could accidentally wind up in a very dangerous situation.

Time for a New Cable

If your cable isn’t broken but looks worn, you should replace it before the spring breaks and takes out part to the garage door. If you have a broken cable, you’ll need to open up your track so that you can remove both pieces from inside the bottom paneling.

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