How To Get Your Garage Ready for Fall

How To Get Your Garage Ready for Fall

It’s October, and you know what that means— it’s Fall. Yes, the best time of year. The weather cools down in Las Vegas, the days are getting shorter, and it’s time to get your garage ready for Fall. Getting your garage ready for the changing seasons will make your life increasingly easier as you get into Winter and need to start digging out Halloween decorations, Winter gear, and so much more. Join Pacific Experts Garage Doors in getting your garage ready for Fall.

Clean Your Garage Out

The first step that you need to take in getting your garage ready for Fall is to clear out all of the trash, dirt, and junk that has been collected in there all Summer long. Take this opportunity to get rid of any junk and clutter that has piled up in there. Think of this as spring cleaning part 2.

Put Summer Tools and Gear Away

If you had a busy Summer of swimming, yard work, and outdoor adventuring, then its time to start putting all of your Summer tools and gear up for the Fall. Put away your kid’s Summer toys, pool floats, and bikes where they are out of the way and protected from the elements.

Put Cold Weather Gear Within Reach

As you put all of your Summer gear away for the season, you will also want to place any Fall and Winter gear that you have in a more accessible place. You don’t know when you will need you to get your cold-weather gear, decorations, or clothing out later on.

Inspect Your Garage Door for Damage

During the winter months, you’re more likely to experience inclement weather and pests; rodents, and bugs than you are in the Summer months. It’s more important than ever to ensure that your garage door is intact and insulated to keep rain, debris, and pests all season long. If the weatherstripping on your garage door has worn out, it will leave an opening between the door and the ground where rainwater, debris, and animals can slip through into your garage.

Take a few minutes to inspect your garage door to make sure that everything from the garage door weather stripping, panels, and chains are in good condition. If you notice that anything is out of order, contact Pacific Experts Garage Doors. We will send a garage door technician to inspect and repair your garage door.

Remove Items That Shouldn’t Be Stored in Your Garage

It’s pretty common to make your garage the catch-all storage space in your house, but there are some items that you should not store in your garage, especially in the Winter, where they may cause damage to your home if they are exposed. Any items that are flammable or toxic, like extra gas canisters, pesticides, and paper products, should be stored safely. If you have nowhere else to store them, be sure to store them securely on the ground.