How To Program A Clicker Garage Door Opener

How to program a clicker garage door opener

When you get a new garage door opener, there is a good chance that it will come with a programming process. However, at Pacific Experts, we understand that most people do not know how to program a clicker garage door opener.

Select A Programmable Clicker

The first step in programming a clicker is choosing the right remote control. Most garage door manufacturers offer two types of remotes: fixed-code or rolling code. Fixed-code remotes have preprogrammed codes that cannot be changed once they’re set up. Rolling-code remotes have no preprogrammed codes, and each code is generated randomly whenever you press the button on your remote control. Rolling-code remotes are more secure than fixed-code remotes because they generate new codes every time they’re used, making it more difficult for someone else’s remote control to open your garage door without authorization from you or from the manufacturer of your clicker system. Consider contacting a garage door repair company for additional help.

The Programming Process

Some clicker garage door openers will come with instructions or a website link with instructions online. Your garage door motor, the thing that makes the garage door go up and down by itself, is what you are connecting your clicker to. If you can’t reach the motor on your garage door, you may need a step stool or a ladder. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then ask a family member or neighbor, or call Pacific Experts for assistance. This is not worth being injured.

Open The Light Of The Motor

There will be a latch or a clip on a garage door motor that if you pull or unlatch the lightbox part of the motor it will open. This is the same part of the motor where you change the lights in your garage. You want to open this lightbox. Don’t panic, you’re not going to break it, it’s meant to be opened. Replace your garage door opener bulb if needed as well.

Find The Program Button

Most motors for garage doors will have a small button in the lightbox. This button is used to program the clicker garage door opener so it can be opened by the clicker. You will want to also have your clicker on hand with you. The button is often labeled “learn” or “learn code”. There may be lights that flash if you press this button.

Press The Botton With The Clicker Garage Door Opener

When you press this button for about 5 to 10 seconds and the 1st or only button on your clicker garage door opener at the same time the light on your motor may flash, don’t worry, this is normal. After the lights flash your garage door should open and close based on the click of your finger on the opener.

Technical Support For Your Clicker Garage Door Opener

If your programming on your clicker garage door opener does not work, it’s okay. That is what technical support is for. No one is perfect and there may have been a mistake that has been made. You can go back through the steps and make sure you pressed the right button and held it for long enough. If you’re still having trouble after retracing your steps.

Still Having Clicker Garage Door Opener Trouble?

Contact us at Pacific Experts and we can talk you through the steps. If you’re still having trouble we will gladly assist you to make an appointment for help with programming your clicker garage door opener. The appointment is not time-consuming and will assist your clicker to be functional, making your day-to-day life easier. We provide 24-hour garage door repair service! Let us help you today!